Dermabond Complications

Dermabond is a skin adhesive used to close wounds, according to 2. It is a liquid that doctors apply on small wounds and skin surfaces to securely hold the edges together. Once applied, this film is left to dry and usually lasts five to 10 days on the skin. Dermabond is not used on areas such as the eyes and mouth. Though it keeps the wound clean, dry and intact, there are some complications associated with Dermabond.

Wound Dehiscence

Wound dehiscence, a condition in which a wound, usually from a surgical site, breaks open, is one of the possible complications of Dermabond usage, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. This condition is caused by straining, physical stress on the affected area and poor blood circulation. Sutures may be required to repair the open wound.

Skin Infection

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, skin infection can occur as a complication for using Dermabond 2. With the application of this liquid skin adhesive, adequate cleansing and wound preparation is essential. This helps prevent opportunistic bacteria from infecting the wound and potentially spreading to surrounding tissues. Minor skin infections are usually treated with oral antibiotics.

Hypersensitivity Reactions

As noted by MedlinePlus, hypersensitivity reactions is a possible Dermabond complication. An allergic reaction characterized by skin rashes, itching and swelling happens when the immune system reacts to a certain substance. Some patients are allergic to cyanoacetate and formaldehyde which are the main components of Dermabond.

Run-off to Other Areas

Application of Dermabond can cause run-offs to other areas near the wound being treated, as described by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dermabond dries quickly, in as short as 10 seconds, but when it adheres to areas that are not supposed to be glued, it is problematic. This excess adhesive can be wiped off directly using cotton balls, dry gauze or even a clean finger.

Repeat Trauma

Repeat trauma to the wound is one of the possible complications of Dermabond usage, according to MedlinePlus. Patients who pick their wounds excessively can re-open the wound and cause another breakage or trauma. These wounds can be closed for the second time using sutures or skin adhesives.