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Definition of Focal Consolidation

By Gina Poirier ; Updated July 27, 2017

Focal consolidation is a term you might hear in a discussion between medical professionals if you are receiving any type of chest imaging. It refers to a visible condition in the lungs.

Medical Definition

Focal consolidation is the "replacement of gas within air spaces by fluid, protein, cells, or other material" in a single spot on the lungs. It means that the lungs are not operating at full capacity because the spaces that should be full of air are full of another substance.

What Focal Consolidation Looks Like

Radiologists and doctors look for several signs of focal consolidation in the lungs on x-rays or other types of imaging. In laymen's terms, they look for opaque, irregular, and poorly defined imaging where it should be clear and well-defined.

Causes of Focal Consolidation

Commonly focal consolidation is a sign of pneumonia. It can also be a symptom of disorders such as AIDS, Crohn's Disease and some types of infections.

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