How to Cure Sleep Apnea

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How to Cure Sleep Apnea. People who have sleep apnea struggle to breathe while they sleep and actually stop breathing briefly several hundreds of times during the night. They often wake up with a headache, dry mouth or sore throat. People with sleep apnea rarely feel refreshed after a full night of sleep. The following suggestions are several self-help and medical remedies you can do to cure sleep apnea.

Cure Sleep Apnea Medically

Get your sleep apnea properly diagnosed by a professional skilled in sleep disorders. Once diagnosed, you may be prescribed a breathing device called a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This mask-like device provides constant air pressure that prevents your airway from collapsing.

Visit a dentist to get fitted for a dental device that opens your airway while you sleep. Most devices bring your lower jaw (Mandibular Repositioning Device ) or tongue (Tongue Retaining Device) forward.

Increase the size of your airway by getting tissues surgically removed at the advice of your physician. This type of surgery is usually serious surgery required the removal of adenoids, tonsils or excess tissue from the inside of the nose and back of the throat. Reconstruction of the jaw may be required in order to make the upper airway bigger.

Self-Care Remedies to Cure Sleep Apnea

Cut out any foods or stimulants which may block your airway while you sleep. These items include tobacco, alcohol and sedatives.

Create a regular sleep schedule where you wake up and go to bed at the same time. Also eliminate any disturbances to your sleep.

Lose 10 percent or more of your weight if you're overweight.

Sleep on your side and not your back. You may need to use special pillows in order to prevent yourself from rolling over while you sleep.

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