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How to Cure Numbness in Your Feet & Toes

By Thomas Beckwith ; Updated July 27, 2017

If you have diabetes, you may suffer from a secondary condition which causes your feet to feel numb and uncomfortable. This condition, called peripheral neuropathy, occurs when nutritional imbalances cause the nerves in your extremities to stop functioning normally. Hair and Skin Care says that many diabetes medications will take care of this, but many sufferers will need additional treatment to restore feeling to their feet. These include exercises, over-the-counter medications, and making adjustments to footwear.

How to Treat Foot Numbness with Medications and Purchases

Use pain relievers. According to Foot Pain Relief, everyday medicines like ibuprofen can relieve unpleasant sensations and lessen the discomfort you feel when walking.

Take vitamin supplements. Any improvements to your nutrition will increase blood flow in every area of your body—including your feet.

Buy inserts for your shoes. They relieve pressure on your feet and correct imbalances in your walk, which can improve your circulation over time.

Buy larger shoes. Your feet may heal more quickly if you give them more space to move around.

How to Treat Foot Numbness with Exercise and Bodily Position

Exercise daily. Aerobic exercise is best, as it gets your blood flowing and strengthens your heart. Hair and Skin Care says that swimming, which works every part of your body at once, is an ideal treatment for any kind of numbness.

Massage your feet. This relives tension and forces blood to enter your foot muscles.

Consult a physical therapist. Many sufferers of numbness have bowed legs or flat feet, both of which lead to an imbalanced walk and greater pressure on the soles. A qualified therapist can give you exercises to correct these conditions.

Keep your feet elevated. This prevents blood from pooling near your ankles, which diminishes circulation and may even cut it off entirely.

Place a pillow underneath your feet before you go to bed. This keeps your feet raised during the night and contributes to healthy blood flow.

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