How to Cure a Cold Sore with Earwax

Cold sores are painful and unsightly. Taking prescription drugs to prevent or treat cold sores can lead to side effects. There are several natural cures for cold sores, one of which is cheap, free, and usually available in abundance: earwax. I know the idea of curing a cold sore with earwax seems a little gross, but if you've ever been plagued by cold sores, you'd be willing to do almost anything to get rid of them.

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The effectiveness of cold sore treatments all depends on one thing, early detection. You can usually tell when a cold sore is coming on because the affected area will burn and itch a few hours to a full day before an outbreak. This itchy, burning time is the best time to treat cold sores, before they appear.

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For best results, leave the earwax on cold sores overnight. If you feel a cold sore coming on during the daytime, however, then leave the earwax on the cold sore for as long as possible.

Treating cold sores with earwax is amazingly simple. You'll need to mine your own ears for earwax. You won't need a ton so no need to go crazy.

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Apply the earwax directly to the cold sores. Rub the earwax in as much as you can. If the cold sore has already broken the surface, then you will have to be careful when rubbing. Cold sores can be very painful and tender to the touch.

Leave the earwax on at least for several hours. Earwax may cure a cold sore, or it may simply diminish it's size and the length of time it's visible. There are many other cold sore remedies available, but this is definitely the cheapest and most natural.