How to Create Your Own Subliminal Messages Free

While our conscious mind is acting and responding openly all day long, we have another part of our brain that is working unknowingly just as hard. The subconscious brain is thinking all day long. It is reacting to the environment and causing us to act in a certain way involuntarily. Many people are unaware of the power that their subconscious mind has. Subliminal messages are a way to work with your subconscious brain 1. You can send messages to yourself without even knowing that you're receiving them.

Record the message that you would like your subconscious to hear. Push the record button on your recording software and speak into the microphone attached to your computer.

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Set the sound level of the subliminal message to about -17 db. This will be very quiet and difficult to hear. You do not need to be able to hear the message clearly to receive it.

Copy and paste the subliminal message over and over again into the track until it is as long as the music you plan to include over it.

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Insert or paste a music track into the same file as your subliminal message. The music should be at a comfortable sound level for you to listen to. It will dominate the subliminal message so that you will consciously only be able to hear the music.

Confirm that the track bars are equal in length. Remove or add copies of your subliminal message until the track bars are equal. This will assure that the message will span the entire length of the music that you chose.

Export the music file as an MP3 so that you can play it on a variety of audio devices.


Play the subliminal message in reverse for a portion of the music. This method works better for some people, according to Reverse Spech Technologies.

Listen to your subliminal messages in a comfortable atmosphere and a relaxed state of mind.