CPAP & Teeth Problems

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CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure therapy is a treatment for sleep apnea . A CPAP machine has several possible side effects including nasal congestion and has been associated with unexplained tooth pain.


According to WebMD, a CPAP machine forces pressurized air into the patient's throat by means of a facial mask to prevent the airways from collapsing and being blocked. Sleep apnea is a condition which makes sleep difficult as sufferers stop breathing throughout the night.

Tooth Problems

The CPAP machine is expected to cause mild discomfort for the first several uses. Users complain of sensitivity, pain and tooth movement. Development or return of gaps, overbites and protruding teeth, along with tooth specific discomfort do not have a medical explanation.


Users experiencing dental issues after using a CPAP machine should contact a dentist. Retainers and mouth guards may help to relieve pressure and preserve proper dental alignment.