How to Cook Ostrich Steaks

By Chelsea Hoffman

A red and hearty meat, ostrich can be compared to beef unlike other poultry, which possesses white meat. As the world's largest bird, an ostrich produces a lot of meat that is suitable for burgers, fillets and even steaks. Knowing how to prepare an ostrich steak doesn't differ much from making any other kind of steak, and with a little TLC it wont turn out dry and tough. Ostrich steaks are meaty with a slightly sweet flavor, making them decadent showcases to any meal.

Spray the surface of the stove top grill with a thin layer of olive oil.

Turn on the stove eyes that the grill rests on to medium-high temperatures. Let the grill pan heat up for 10 minutes. This gives it time to get hot enough to mimic the grilling process.

Coat your ostrich steak in your own selection of herbs, spices or other seasonings. Do not put salt on the steak yet, as this encourages drying of the meat. Seasoning choices include celery seed, sage and a dash of rosemary to create an herbal and interesting flavor.

Toss the steak onto the hot grill pan. Let it sizzle for three minutes. This is just enough to singe the outside of the meat and cook it partially. Flip it over and let it sizzle for another three minutes.

Remove the steak and serve it. Do not overcook the ostrich meat. Like other game meats, it must be cooked rare to medium rare. Otherwise the texture will be tough and the flavor resembling organ meat.


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