How to Contour a Wide Nose

There are two different options for contouring a wide nose: One is with makeup, the other is with cosmetic surgery. Nose contouring with makeup consists of using dark and light foundations to create a slimming effect on the nose. Nose contouring with cosmetic surgery involves undergoing surgery to make small corrections to the nose. This article will instruct you in how to contour a wide nose using makeup, foregoing the expensive cosmetic procedure.

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Begin by applying the darker shade of foundation on either side of the bridge of your nose with the makeup brush. Using the makeup brush, extend down each side of your nose, starting from the eyebrow and ending at the side of the nostril. Create a line of dark color down each side of your nose. Blend outward towards your cheek, under the eye, and around your nostril to make it look as natural as possible.

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Apply a thin line of the lighter shade of foundation down the bridge of your nose with the makeup brush. Begin between your eyebrows and extend all the way down to the tip of your nose, blending carefully.

Softly brush the lighter color towards the contoured, darker sides of your nose to prevent any sharp lines. However, be careful not to lighten the contoured areas. The bridge of your nose is the area that gets hit by light first, and, therefore, applying a lighter shade of foundation will accentuate and draw attention to the slimmer part of your nose.

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Use a powder brush to gently dust some powder on your contoured nose in order to eliminate any lingering lines, and to set your look.

Choose the cosmetic surgery option only if you want to achieve a much more permanent change to your nose. Remember to select a surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.


Instead of using two different shades of foundation, try some of the contouring concealers and foundations available from major makeup brands such as MAC and Stila.