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How to Conquer Monkey Bars

By braniac

How to Conquer Monkey Bars

Step onto the step high enough for you to reach the first bar.

Grab hold of the first bar with both hands.

While holding yourself up by the bar, let your feet go from the step.

Practice hanging from the bar by your hands for a few minutes; you'll feel how your hands can handle the weight of your body. The more limp and light you can make yourself feel, the better you will float through the "tree".

Practice hanging from the bar by one hand at a time; this is how it will feel as you swing across the bars like a monkey!! Feel breezy and carefree, soaring through the blazing blue sky!

Go back up to the step and grab the first bar by one hand, hold tightly, don't lose your grip.

Reach to the second bar with your other hand; and don't lose grip, you'll be leaving your feet now, and swinging to the third bar.

Reach to the third bar with your first hand and swing away. Repeat by moving to each bar with opposite hands.

Swing yourself with your legs to give you momentum. Utilize your arms and hands to get you further. Try skipping a bar in between each swing.

You can take a break by putting your legs through the bars, bending at the knees and swinging upside down.

Your feet can help too, by sticking them under another bar while your hanging upside down. It will help you to hang forever if you wanted to set a record!

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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