Coffee Bun Calories

A coffee bun is a pastry that generally consists of rolled yeast dough. It typically has icing, and a coffee bun may also have toppings of fruit and nuts. A coffee bun is generally high in fat and sugar, like other dessert pastries.


This nutrition information base is for one typical coffee bun. The calorie content of a coffee bun is 424 calories, which is 21.2 percent of the daily value for calories. This daily value assumes a steady diet of 2,000 calories, according to Fatsecret.

Fat and Protein

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A coffee bun contains 24 g of fat, which is about 37 percent of the daily value for fat. This fat content contains 216 calories. The protein content in a coffee bun is 7 g, or about 14 percent of the daily value for protein. This protein content contains 28 calories.


A coffee bun contains 56 g of carbohydrates, which is 19 percent of the daily value for carbohydrates. This carbohydrates content consists of 37 g of starch, 18 g of sugar and 1 g of dietary fiber. The carbohydrates in a coffee bun account for 180 calories.