How to Clean a Wood Baseball Bat

By Paul Lin

Wooden and aluminum bats are the two major types of materials used to make baseball bats. Although the aluminum bats are lighter and produce a faster swing speed, wooden bats gives you the advantage of power and safety. It is always suggested to clean and maintain your bat after every use because, unlike an aluminum bat, wooden baseball bats require special maintenance to ensure that the wood does not deteriorate over time.

Wet a soft cloth or towel with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will remove any excess grime, tar and sweat.

Wipe down the bat from the top of the bat to the barrel and down to the handle. Pay close attention to the handle, where sweat accumulates.

Take a wood rolling pin or another wooden bat and rub it against the scrapes and scratches of the wooden bat you are cleaning. This smooths out any rough spots caused by hitting and keeps the bat smooth.

Store the bat in a dry place with the handle facing up.

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