How to Choose the Right Denture Color

Choosing the denture color for your denture or partial denture is not as simple as you might think. This question will be asked on your last visit before the mold is sent to the laboratory; so you need to be prepared to answer the question then and there.

There are several shades of white to choose from on the chart. Your first impulse will be to choose the whitest and brightest. Remember the natural appearance is what you are trying to achieve.

The dentist will show you a denture shade chart. Cover up all the samples so you are looking at just one at a time. One shade next to the other can look yellow, but viewing it alone it will look more natural.

You need to take into consideration your own skin complexion. With a partial denture you have no option other than the shade of your natural teeth.


Remember, take your time, you do not want to make an irreversible mistake. Bring a photograph of yourself smiling and showing your teeth. This will be helpful when trying to determine your general appearance and size of your teeth.


Your color decision is very important! You don't want your teeth to SCREAM "DENTURES". If getting a partial denture, have your natural teeth cleaned before choosing color.