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Chiropratic Methods You Can Do Yourself

By Contributing Writer ; Updated July 27, 2017

Gentle hands can work wonders when your body is in pain. Dr. Jonathan B. Sevy, DC, is one of the founders of the self-chiropractic movement. His website, called "Healing Hands 2 Billion,", aims at worldwide health and healing through gentle chiropractic techniques you can do yourself, called "chiro touch."

Dr. Karl V. Holmquist, DC, a fourth-generation chiropractor offers a comprehensive home study handbook and video DVD course ($95.00 in 2009) "Home Chiropractic" at He believes extended series of office visits are too expensive for regular patients.

Chiro Touch a Headache

Dr. Sevy's website, Healing Hands 2 Billion, illustrates how to do chiropractic adjustments yourself to the neck and back. Minor subluxation causes headaches. That is, two upper vertebrae in the neck have become slightly misaligned. Pain and constriction mark the subluxation. "Support the forehead against one hand and probe the back of the neck with the other hand. Move the head up, down and sideways. Use the fingers to probe for tender areas called trigger points," Dr. Sevy's site instructs. "Apply gentle steady pressure for fifteen seconds to each point and release." The pain will increase and gradually lessen; so will the headache. The manipulation flushes the area with oxygen and blood, which speeds healing. Massaging the temples, cheekbones and jaw is helpful as well.

Easing Back Subluxation

According to Dr. Sevy, "back pain subluxation responds well to the mid-back chiro touch." Have the person in pain lie on a hard bench or the floor. Kneel or stand next to his or her back. Place your hand near the right of the spinal column, at mid back (to do a clockwise manipulation). Point the fingers towards the neck. Place the other hand one half inch below, to the left side of the spine. Point the fingers towards the feet. Softly bounce the palms flat against the body three to five times. Repeat the adjustment one inch above and below the original adjustment site. Change hand direction (to a counterclockwise adjustment). Point fingers in the opposite direction. Repeat all the steps. "Flat palm manipulation frees the subluxation, speeding healing to the tissues." Back pain usually requires a series of adjustments.

For a variation, place both hands mid-back pointing towards the head. "Push the palm pads of both hands towards the neck and collar bone. End with three to five soft bounces."

Dr. Sevy's chiro touch is useful throughout the body. Apply gentle pressure to tender trigger points in back muscles. There are many ways to use chiropractic basics yourself.

The Spinal Connection

The spine is like the wiring harness in a car. It connects to every electrical nerve impulse and every major organ. Trigger points act like an internal blueprint for your fingers. According to Dr. Sevy's site, "apply steady pressure to painful areas. The pain will deepen and go away. Find trigger points on the neck, back, thorax, arm, leg and foot muscles."

See your chiropractor at least once. Your doctor can supply you with gentle methods and exercises. Dr.Tracey Roizman, DC, DACBN, writes, "Chiropractic manipulations can activate receptors inside the muscles and joints. The receptors grow dormant, because of nerve inactivity. Chiropractic manipulation stimulates parts of the brain connected to the dormant body receptors. Stimulation between the receptors signals nerve activity. When the brain is activated it causes a healthy brain and body relationship." Self-chiropractic is a strong at-home tool for personal health and pain relief, with the advice of a chiropractor.

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