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Chinese Soup Diet

Soup diets rely on a very low calorie, high fiber soup to replace many -- but not all -- foods. The classic soup diet uses a broth based soup with tomatoes and cabbage, but simple alterations help you create a Chinese soup diet with different flavor. If you aren't using the more stringent diet, you can include a high fiber and low calorie soup in your meal planning to reduce your calorie intake. Always consult your doctor before beginning a weight-loss program.


The usual cabbage soup diet recipe includes tomatoes, tomato juice or V8, cabbage, chicken broth and nonstarchy vegetables. If you prefer an Asian flavor for your soup, leave out the tomatoes and add ginger, garlic and soy. Use regular green cabbage, or replace it with bok choy and napa cabbage. Include a variety of nonstarchy vegetables in your diet. Depending on the soup diet you're following, you may be able to add chicken or egg to your soup for additional protein.


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Soup diets work because they limit calories, sometimes dramatically. Cabbage based soups, regardless of the flavorings used, are high in fiber and low in calories. While some diets include a simple soup, such as a Chinese soup, to fill you up before meals and help control calories, others rely on set food combinations for each day of the diet.

Time Frame

The original cabbage soup diet is intended to be used for just seven days. If you simply include your healthy, Asian inspired soup as part of a regular balanced diet, you may continue on your diet much longer. Tweak your soup for meals by adding protein or additional ingredients, recommends "Good Housekeeping."


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If you want an Asian spin on the traditional cabbage soup diet, different foods are dictated for each day of the diet. On the first day, you may have fruit -- with the exception of bananas -- and soup. The second day includes vegetables and a baked potato for dinner, alongside soup. During day three, you may have fruits and vegetables, but no potato, with soup. On the fourth day, eat bananas and drink skim milk along with the Chinese soup. Eat beef, tomatoes and soup on day five, and beef and vegetables on day six, with soup at least once each day. Choose brown rice, vegetables and soup on day seven.


The traditional version of the soup diet is a crash diet, intended to produce quick weight loss, but is not well balanced or nutritionally complete. Consider taking a multivitamin while on the diet, and do not continue it longer than seven days. Choose a more moderate diet such as the "Good Housekeeping" Amazing Soup Diet for long-term weight loss.