Chapped Lips & the Common Cold

Soon after the common cold strikes, you may also experience chapped, sore lips. It's no fun having to nurse both symptoms, but by using the proper ointments and changing some simple habits, it'll be smooth sailing for your rough lips.

What's Up, Doc?

Chapped lips accompany the common cold because of mouth breathing. When the nose is stuffy and running, people tend to breath out of the mouth for comfort reasons. Your breath naturally dehydrates your lips and leaves them looking dry, scaly and chapped.

Ready for a Remedy

Keep chapped lips and cold sores at bay during a cold by continuously conditioning your lips during and after the cold subsides. Use a lip ointment with vitamins A and E, in addition to SPF 15 for when you're outdoors.

Extreme Cases

Severely chapped lips can quickly move to the next level. Bacteria and a virus, such as herpes simplex, can get into the cracks and lead to an infection. Tingling, itching or a warm patch of skin usually precedes the infection. When this happens, immediately use an over-the-counter medicated lip ointment. If you get frequent cold sores, ask your doctor to prescribe an antiviral medication.

Continuous Lip Service

Your lips heal quicker if you stay hydrated, keep your stress level to a minimum, use a humidifier and stay out of the wind. Also refrain from licking your lips. Because saliva is acidic, it can dry lips out even more.