How to Change Batteries in a Schwinn Airdyne

By Matthew Ferguson

The Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike was first introduced in 1978.The bike uses exponential air resistance to provide an effective upper- and lower-body workout. The Schwinn Airdyne includes a computer that registers heart rate, calories burned, time, distance, workload and RPMs. The Schwinn Airdyne computer is battery operated and batteries will need to be changed periodically. Signs that batteries are failing include erratic function and fading LCD display.

Locate the underside of the Schwinn Airdyne computer. There is a battery door located there.

Depress the latch on the Schwinn Airdyne battery door and remove the door. Remove both batteries from inside and discard.

Turn the first AA battery so that the negative end is inserted against the cone shaped spring inside the battery slot. The battery's positive end is marked with a (+) sign. Depending on the brand battery, the negative end may be marked with a (-) sign or not at all.

Push the first AA battery in place until it is snug inside the battery slot. Install the second AA battery in the slot beside the first battery.

Fit the battery door back on to the Schwinn Airdyne and push the tab down until it clicks into place.


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