How to Cause Temporary Incontinence

Incontinence can be a very embarrassing condition; however, for those who find humor in the inability to postpone urination, there are ways to increase the frequency and induce the urge to urinate for a temporary period of time. There are also more legitimate reasons for wanting to induce urination, such as needing to provide urine for a medical test. You can implement simple methods to cause temporary incontinence to pull off a laugh-inducing prank or to complete a urine test.

Increase the consumption of liquids. Because your bladder can only hold so much fluid, the need to relieve yourself will become greater and more persistent.

Foods That Trigger Bladder Spasms

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Drink alcohol to induce temporary incontinence 1. Achohol works as a diuretic and bladder stimulant.

Consume caffeinated beverages, which also work as a diuretic and bladder stimulant.

Diuretic Effects of Caffeine

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Place your hand in a bowl of very warm water. The sensation of warm liquid against the skin can sometimes induce urination.

Eat foods containing tomatoes, which can irritate the bladder and lead to incontinence.


Be careful when consuming large quantities of water, as this can lead to water intoxication, which can cause death. Increase your liquid consumption by only a few cups of water or drink another beverage to avoid this condition.