How to Care for a Knee or Elbow Scab

How to Care for a Knee or Elbow Scab. Getting a cut or scape on a knee or elbow can be one of the hardest of simple injuries to treat. Every time your wound scabs over, a slight movement or getting hung up on something always seems to break open that scab, causing you to start the healing process on your knee or elbow all over again.

Clean the broken or peeled scab with clean warm water or with hydrogen peroxide dabbed on it. This will clean out any bacteria that might enter it once the scab has been broken.

Apply antibiotic ointment to the scabbed wound to keep it moist and germ free. Petroleum jelly will also keep the area moist. This will keep the scab from overdrying and cracking before the area is fully healed.

Use a large area or square shaped adhesive bandage to cover the wound during early scabbing. This allows the wound to stay germ-free and allow for moistening applications while preventing germs from re-entering the wounded area.

Wrap gauze around the elbow or knee if adhesive bandages aren't practical for the size of the wound. Tape in place with two strips of tape so the joint can flex without stress to the area.

Remove stuck-on gauze by soaking in clean water so it does not disturb the scab when changing the gauze covering. Some gauzes have anti-stick coatings to make changing and removal easier.