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Can You Prevent White Hair Growth?

White hair growth appears at different stages of life for everyone. The 30s and 40s are usually the turning point for the majority of men and women, though, when a significant prominence of gray hair becomes difficult to ignore. At this point, many will opt for the standard option of using one of a vast selection of hair dye products. While this is clearly viable for many people, superior choices exist to recolor the hair with internal methods. Using B complex vitamins to their maximum potential will help restore a person’s hair color easily.

Buy a daily nutritional supplement. A combination product—containing all 8 of the B complex family—is recommended. Either a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral or, alternatively, a somewhat more specific pill that’s formulated solely with every B vitamin is advisable. If your budget is limited, select pure vitamin B5—pantothenic acid—as this is at the forefront of preventing white hair. According to the health pages of The Utah School of Computing, “Early onset of gray hair indicates a lack of pantothenic acid or its absorption. 1

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Use once a day, in the morning. Several B vitamins have powerful effects in the roles of metabolizing food and drink. This increased influx of nutrition in your bloodstream is not at all good while attempting to fall asleep. Should it be the case that you occasionally have to take your supplement in the evening, always take it at an absolute minimum of 4 hours before bedtime.

Take as directed on the label. Most pills are meant to be swallowed whole, so don’t crush or break them apart. If you choose a chewable, soluble, powder, liquid or specialist sublingual product only ingest them exactly as instructed; failure to do so can significantly nullify the B vitamins' potency.

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Consume a full, substantial breakfast and take your dose immediately after finishing. Doing so helps to work the vitamins through your digestive system to an optimum extent.

Observe your urine. An excess of B vitamins is rapidly passed out as more water is drunk. Consequently, high-strength products often alter urine color. According to Harvard Medical School, “B vitamins can turn urine a fluorescent yellow-green color.” If this is the case, you can replace your current product with a less potent formula, but ensure that at least B5 is included at no less than 100% the established daily value 2.