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Can You Grow Hair Back Fast After a Haircut?

Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month, which means it can takes months or years to grow out a short haircut. Whether you are trying to grow out a style that you have grown tired of or want to leave a horrible haircut experience in the past, you must have patience. Keep your hair healthy and eat a well-balanced, healthy diet to maximize hair growth. Avoid practices that damage your hair and trim it regularly.

Browse through a hairstyle magazine. Select a style that represents your ultimate goal. Choose several styles of progressing lengths that you can transition into as you move toward your ultimate goal.

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Eat a healthy diet rich in protein, iron and vitamin C. Take a daily vitamin supplement to support your overall health.

Avoid harsh chemical services and styles that can damage hair, leading to breakage and hair loss. Treat your hair with kid gloves 2. Avoid pulling, snagging and placing tension on your hair.

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Shampoo and condition your hair with a strength-enhancing shampoo and conditioner whenever it is dirty. Avoid shampooing when it is not necessary; every two or three days is typically sufficient.

Apply a deep-conditioning treatment to strengthen hair and keep it healthy. Massage the scalp to increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Trim 1/4 inch from the ends of your hair every six to eight weeks to remove split ends and keep your hair healthy.