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Can You Control Oily Skin with Vitamin A Pills?

The creation of excess oil causes skin problems in different ways. Issues when applying make-up and sensitivity after washing are two of the most common. In addition, the unusual appearance of a person’s face due to excess shine is a source of insecurity.

It is not necessary though to rely upon the use of expensive and obscure cleansing products to counter the situation. You will be able to remedy this problem in a cheap and easy way. The complexion will improve if you take vitamin A.

Take a top quality vitamin A supplement each day. Vitamin A is the nutrient that is primarily responsible for normalizing levels of oil in the skin. An excerpt from Calvin Colleges website points out “Vitamin A works effectively against the androgens causing oily skin”. Androgens are acutely responsible for oil creation in human skin tissue. Most products contain the standard established daily value of vitamin A in the U.S., which is sufficient no matter what the condition of your skin is.

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Select a product that is wholly natural. Cod liver oil capsules are an excellent, truly natural, food-state source of vitamin A. They also contain vitamin D and the two main omega 3 fish oil compounds, EPA and DHA. Administer your capsules in the exact dosage directed on the product label-do not take more than your daily dose. Practically all health stores and supermarkets stock cod liver oil capsules, usually at quite nominal prices.

Swallow capsules whole on an empty stomach. Do not chew the capsules or mix the liquid with food-without the protection of the gelatin capsule shell, your digestive juices will degrade its potency. Likewise, for the best results, ensure that you take your supplement one hour before and after eating or drinking anything whatsoever-including water. Failure to do so will impair the effectiveness of the vitamin A and other nutrients to a noticeable extent.

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Eat a diet that is rich in liver. It is a very strong source of vitamin A. According to The U.S. Agency for International Development “Because vitamin A is stored in the liver, direct measurement of the liver vitamin A concentration is considered to be the best indicator of vitamin A status.” If you can tolerate doing so, eat raw liver-as cooking destroys the vast majority of the A and other nutrients present in fresh meat 23.

Observe the change to your complexion. It will take a few weeks of continued usage to achieve maximum results, but the improvements will eventually emerge. Noticing dry and scaly patches on your skin, particularly on more sensitive areas, is normal at first and will fade as time progresses. The levels of excess oil will gradually subside and you will achieve a more balanced complexion, as your body continues to make use of the vitamin A.


Cleanse your skin topically using cosmetic applications. Vitamin A is regularly included as a key ingredient in many products of this type. It is often referred to by its pharmaceutical name of Retinol in creams, lotions and gels. The vitamin A present will help alleviate excess oil directly, when it is necessary to do so in areas which are especially troublesome. The forehead is the primary area to assess, particularly if you are in a stressed out state.