Can You Use Nioxin & Rogaine Together?

Hair Loss Remedies

It may be due to the increased vanity of the human race, or it may be entirely based on the possibilities that now exist in science, but the hair loss remedy business is booming like never before. Within this framework, companies all over are filling the shelves with products promising to stop hair loss in its tracks, promote healthy follicles and even regrow hair that has already been lost. Two of the most celebrated products out there are Nioxin and Rogaine.


While not a hair loss remedy per se, Nioxin has been used for years by those looking to improve the health of their hair, reduce thinning and even regrow lost hair. The product works primarily as a scalp cleanser, in much the same way as other skin products work on the face, arms and legs. It is through this cleansing process that Nioxin is able to help those who suffer from hair loss that is unrelated to DHT buildup (the primary cause of male pattern baldness).


Not a lot is known about the specific ways in which Rogaine (the brand name of the drug minoxidil) works to promote hair growth. The company itself is somewhat closed-mouth when it comes to the mechanisms of minoxidil, so it is largely up to supposition. One theory is based around the inclusion of nitric oxide in the formula. This is a known vasodilator, and the product has been shown to promote open pores and increased blood flow to the scalp. Whether or not, however, this is the secret to minoxidil's success is not known for certain. What is known for certain is that Rogaine has shown to be much more effective in cases where the hair loss is minimal. It has not been shown clinically to work in cases where the hair loss comes from the front of the head (receding hairline).

The Combination of Rogaine and Nioxin

Simply put, there is no reason why you can't use Nioxin and Rogaine together in your hair restoration regimen. They are performing two different jobs, though both of them claim to present a positive environment for hair regrowth. It might be wise to use one or the other for an extended period of time, so that you can judge the effects that the product has on its own merit. If you start off using both and experience good results, you won't know which of the products is giving you these results. At the same time, after experimenting with one or the other, you may find that the combination works best for you.