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How Can I Make Bug Bites Go Away Fast?

During the summer, it’s common for people to go on romantic picnics in the park, watch the sun go down by the lake or sit around the campfire at night. Many forget to bring along their protective spray, and end up getting bitten by pests such as chiggers and mosquitoes. The insect bites usually produce itchy bumps, which can be quite annoying 2. Use different types of including household remedies, fruit and commercial products to provide relief for insect bites 2.

Rub a dry bar of soap on the bite. Once you feel relief, wet the spot and wash off the soap. This removes contaminates leftover from the insect.

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Place an ice cube or ice pack over the itchy area to reduce redness and swelling.

Take a hot shower to dissolve contaminates left behind on the bitten areas.

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Make a cup of hot tea and combine it with some rubbing alcohol. Apply solution to insect bites with a cotton ball or swab 2.

Dab vinegar on the bite with a cotton ball or Q-tip. Put two cups of vinegar in a bathtub full of hot water and soak. The vinegar neutralizes the toxins and bacteria in the bite, which removes the stinging or itching sensation. Once you remove the itch, you aren't as prone to scratch the bite, which speeds up recovery time.

Mix enough water and powder to make a paste. Mix baking soda, meat tenderizer, table or Epsom salt with the water. The meat tenderizer breaks down any toxins left behind by the insect and will stop itching. The neutrality of the baking soda counteracts contaminates and cools the bite. The salt dries the wound out so that it heals more quickly. Apply the paste to your bug bites with a cotton ball or swab.

Apply an antihistamine or 1% hydrocortisone cream to your bug bites. Hydrocortisone cream dries out the bite, cools the itching and speeds up the healing process.

Apply antiperspirant to the bug bite. The aluminum salts assist the body in soaking up the liquid in the bite, so swelling and itching will disappear.