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How to Calculate Walking Stride Length

By Charlotte Johnson

Your walking stride is the distance that you travel in two steps -- one step by your right foot and one by your left foot. It can be helpful to know the length of your stride, since you can use the number for several purposes. For example, once you know your stride length, you can then program it into a pedometer and easily calculate your total walking distance.

Sandy Surface

Stand with both feet together on a sandy surface that clearly will show your footprints.

Step forward with your right foot and then with your left foot. Step in the same manner as you would when walking normally.

Measure the distance from your heels' position at your starting point to your left toe's position at your ending point. The measurement is your walking stride distance.

Non-Sandy Surface

Measure a specific distance (100 feet, for example) and mark the starting and ending points of the distance.

Place your heels at the starting point and walk normally to the ending point, counting your steps as you go.

Divide the number of steps you took by two, since there are two steps to each stride. This number is your number of strides.

Divide the length of the distance you walked (e.g., 100 feet) by your number of strides to calculate the length of your stride.

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