How to Build a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

By Jennifer Kimrey

Synthetic grass tennis courts are a popular option for athletes who want a low-maintenance court that provides a high standard of performance. Unlike clay, natural grass, gravel or hard courts, synthetic grass tennis courts can be used year-round and in all weather conditions. These courts are suitable for people of all ages and experience levels, providing stability and durability. Constructing your own synthetic grass tennis court will provide problem-free play with no maintenance costs for years to come.

Step 1

Determine the location of your court. You will want to find a large, open area to construct your synthetic grass tennis court. A standard court will be a 78-foot by 36-foot rectangle, which will accommodate both singles and doubles games. Once you have determined the location of your court, prepare the surface for the synthetic turf.

Step 2

Remove the old lawn turf. Using a shovel, remove the existing grass and 1 inch to 2 inches of top soil from the entire designated court area. Once the grass and top soil is removed, rake the surface even.

Step 3

Treat the court area to prevent weeds and grass. Spray the entire area with weed and grass killer, preferably using a spray bottle. This will protect your synthetic turf from unwanted weeds and grass infiltration. Then, cover the entire court surface with the weed barrier ground cloth. Use the heavy duty scissors or shears to cut the appropriate dimensions for your ground cloth. This will provide added protection from weeds and grass.

Step 4

Shovel about 2 inches of fill dirt to your court surface. Rake it smooth.

Step 5

Lay down the synthetic turf. Depending on the kind of turf you purchase, it might come in pre-cut squares or in a large roll. Use heavy duty scissors or shears to trim excess synthetic grass.

Step 6

Add the filler sand. Once your synthetic grass has been placed, evenly pour filler sand across the entire court surface. Use the push broom to rub in the sand and fluff the synthetic grass.

Step 7

Set up your tennis net system. You may use a portable tennis net system or install a permanent tennis net system. If you choose to install a permanent tennis net, map out where you need the posts and use your shovel and heavy duty scissors or shears to cut holes for the post. Then, mix the concrete to stabilize the posts.

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