Fixodent is the brand name of a denture adhesive product 1. Procter and Gamble first launched this product in the U.K. in 1995. The product's waterproof quality combined with its strength and temporary nature make it suitable for many purposes around the home other than just keeping dentures in place.


Use Fixodent as a temporary fixative for loose or broken crowns, that will also be easy for the dentist to remove when working on the tooth 1.

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Fixodent's waterproof quality means you can use it to hold items such as plants and scenery in place within a goldfish bowl or aquarium 1.


Glue broken china ornaments back together with Fixodent, providing you will only handle them minimally or return them to a shelf or display space 1.


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Use Fixodent cto hold items in place and protect them from damage from earthquakes, pets or the hands of tiny children, in a similar manner to beeswax or putty products 1. It can also prove useful for securing items in moving vehicles such as RVs.


Hold holiday or party decorations in place with a small dab of Fixodent instead of pushpins, tacks, staples or tape 1. You can also use it as a safe alternative to glue for children's craft projects.


Model train enthusiasts can use Fixodent to glue the tiny scenic decorations on their track layouts 1.


Replacement shoe insoles will hold firmly in place with a little dab of Fixodent in the shoe 1.


When decorating a room, you can use Fixodent to fill small cracks, nicks or drill holes in a wall prior to painting 1.


Use Fixodent to attach a spare house key to the back of a water pipe or other secret location outside your home 1.


Rub a small amount fo Fixodent over your hands before trying to open a jar or count money 1. The tacky nature of the substance will help you get a better grip.