How to Do the Booker T Spinaroonie

By Alan Donahue

Booker T, a multi-time World Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, has several signature in-ring moves like the big boot and Book End finisher. When he gets the advantage in a match and has time to celebrate fans often see him perform the "Spinaroonie," a dance move that gets the crowd riled up. Whether you are in a wrestling ring or just enjoying yourself, you can easily perform the spinaroonie just like Booker T does.

Step 1

Get down on your right knee. Keep your left foot planted and bent at the knee.

Step 2

Raise your right arm up in front of you and spread your fingers out with your palm towards your face. Shake your hand. Booker T did this to indicate he was a five time World Champion.

Step 3

Tuck your neck down and swing your left leg behind your back. Once the left leg pulls around, swing the right leg out from underneath you and in a counter-clockwise motion.

Step 4

Bend your neck now and flip your back onto the floor. As you do this, swing your legs up in the air and spin around twice. Put all of your weight into your upper back to support the spin.

Step 5

Land on your knees and extend your arms outward to showcase yourself and the completion of the move. In some cases, Booker T would shoot up to his feet right after also.

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