How to Boil an Avocado

iZedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

An avocado is not the sort of food you would typically boil. The meat of the avocado is soft and soluble and would quickly turn into a mushy mess if boiled. The key to boiling an avocado is thinking outside of the box a bit and boiling the pit of the fruit. There are reasons you might boil avocado parts other than they meat. The Aztecs used parts of the avocado as an aphrodisiac, and if you take a look in the health and beauty aisle of your favorite store, you will find a number of avocado-based products.

Select a recipe that requires the use of a boiled avocado pit. Note that recipes asking you to blend an avocado pit can damage your blending equipment. Follow the steps to boil the pit to create a useful medium to work with.

Expose the inside of the avocado by cutting it in half with a sharp knife. Split the avocado and remove the pit. Set the meat of the avocado aside for later use. Clean the pit of the avocado so that it is free of any excess skin or meat. Dry the pit completely so it is easier to grip and handle.

Grate the pit against a handheld cheese grater. Be very careful because the pit is generally small and can be awkward to grip and handle. Avoid cutting yourself. Hold the pit with pliers to get a tighter grip if you have trouble.

Boil the pit or pits in a large pot of unsalted, rapidly boiling water to get the amount of avocado pit called for. Follow the other instructions that are listed as part of your recipe.