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Benefits of Taking Magnesium Taurate

Magnesium taurate is a dietary supplement that combines magnesium, a nutrient essential to human health, and taurine, an amino acid found in the bile of most mammals. Although designed primarily to supply magnesium to those who are deficient in this important macromineral, magnesium taurate appears to have a number of other medicinal properties that have stirred interest within the medical community. Talk to a medical professional before self-treating with magnesium taurate or any other dietary supplement.

Helps Fight Diabetes

Low blood levels of magnesium are considered a fairly reliable predictor of diabetes, according to Dr. Robert C. Atkins, Dr. Mary C. Vernon and Jacqueline A. Eberstein. For those who are magnesium-deficient and also at increased risk for diabetes because of other factors, taking magnesium taurate or another magnesium supplement may help the body increase insulin resistance. Magnesium supplements sometimes cause diarrhea, so start small and gradually increase to a daily dose that contains a maximum of 350 mg of elemental magnesium. For those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, regular supplementation with magnesium may help prevent some of the more common complications associated with the disease. These include neuropathy, retinopathy and kidney disease.

Eases PMS Symptoms

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A common disorder among young women, premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, occurs even more frequently among women taking birth control pills. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, author of “Natural Progesterone Cream,” says that magnesium can play an important role in easing PMS symptoms which include bloating, depression, fatigue, headache, irritability, loss of libido and temporary weight gain. Magnesium taurate is recommended in particular because it is more readily absorbed and better tolerated than other magnesium supplements. Begin with a daily dose of 375 mg, taken at bedtime. Follow that regimen for a month. If little improvement has been achieved, increase the nightly dose to 500 mg.

Combats Migraines

Nutritional adviser Steve Hickey, Ph.D., author of “The Vitamin Cure for Migraines,” says that a combination of magnesium taurate and fish oil can help prevent migraine headaches, as well as the wide array of symptoms that accompany them. Hickey cites a study by M.F. McCarty, published in the December 1996 issue of Medical Hypotheses, that contends that all the elements in this nutritional mix--fish oil, magnesium and taurine--tend to reduce the “neuronal hyperexcitability” that triggers migraine attacks.

Promotes Heart Health

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Magnesium is essential to heart health, playing a key role in muscle activity, oxygen uptake, electrolyte balance and central nervous system function, all of which are critical to optimal heart function. Because magnesium taurate is more readily absorbed than most other magnesium supplements, it is the preferred form of magnesium for people with heart problems. Together, magnesium and taurine have a synergistic effect--stabilizing cell membranes, calming the nervous system and inhibiting nerve excitation.