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Benefits of Elderberry Extract

By Alan Kirk

Elderberry has a large number of health benefits for those who consume it. It is most commonly consumed as an extract and added to food; it can also be used as an injection. Benefits range from pain relief to improved heart health.

Immune System Benefits

Elderberry can help strengthen your immune system to fight off the flu. It can also help reduce the effects of inflammations due to infection.

Circulatory System

Elderberry extract has benefits that can help your heart. This includes improving blood flow throughout your body.

Repiratory System

The respiratory system can be boosted by the intake of elderberry extract. Elderberry extract can help with both asthma conditions and bronchitis.

Nervous System

Injections of elderberry extract have been found to have positive effects on people suffering with back pain and other nerve conditions.


Injections of elderberry can also assist with bladder conditions. A dose of elderberry extract can also assist with both urinary tract and bladder infections.

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