Baking Soda & Water to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags present as small, flesh-colored bumps on a your skin, connected to the surface by a thin stalk, according to the Mayo Clinic. Common areas on the body that can develop skin tags are the underarms, neck, eyelids, and either the groin or breast regions. Although benign, or noncancerous, you may elect to remove skin tags for cosmetic reasons. Skin tags can be professionally removed, or you can use baking soda and water as a home remedy 3.


Blend fresh baking soda with enough water to create a thick paste. As an alternative, substitute Castor oil for water, combining in the same manner. Make sure to thoroughly blend the paste so that no dry baking soda lumps remain.


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Apply the baking soda and water paste to the skin tag three times daily. Leave the the paste in place, even after it fully dries. Attempt to keep the paste on the skin tag for as long as possible, covering it with a bandage if necessary.

Time Frame

Although results vary, a skin tag normally fully resolves within a two-week period of using the baking soda and water treatment regimen. You should start seeing improvement in the skin tag condition within the first week of applying the baking soda paste. If you do not see any alteration in the shape and texture of the skin tag within that time frame, consult your doctor.

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Although the baking soda and water remedy proves successful in removing skin tags for many people, the Mayo Clinic recommends seeking professional treatment. Seeking professional assistance particularly is appropriate if a skin tag presents near your eyes.


In some cases, other types of skin disorders can look like skin tags, according to the Mayo Clinic. For example, malignant skin cancers can take the appearance of benign skin tags. Therefore, before you implement the baking soda and water remedy to resolve your skin tags, schedule an appointment with your doctor for an examination of the growths. Additionally, the presence of multiple skin tags can be a symptom of another medical condition, including a endocrine or hormonal problem, the Mayo Clinic warns.

  • In some cases, other types of skin disorders can look like skin tags, according to the Mayo Clinic.