How to Avoid Foot Pain on the Elliptical Machine

By Amanda Goldfarb

A Good Samaritan Medical Center Orthopaedics Research Laboratory study conducted by Dr. Scott Banks reports that excessive impact forces incurred during running may cause knee joint pain. The elliptical is a stationary workout machine that allows the user to simulate running in a low-impact method. If you are experiencing foot pain while using the elliptical it may indicate improper use or over use. Proper technique can help you to avoid foot pain and help you get the most from your workout.

Step 1

Wear properly fitted athletic shoes. According to the The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, most foot pain related to exercise is caused by improperly fitting shoes. Adding inserts can provide extra support for problem areas such as the heel or arch.

Step 2

Warm up before you begin your workout. Lift one leg off the ground pulling your foot to your buttocks. Grab your foot with your hand and pull upward to stretch your leg and foot muscles. Slowly lower your leg to the ground and repeat with the other side. Properly warming up and stretching before a workout prevents pain from cramping.

Step 3

Step onto the elliptical placing your feet in the center of the foot pedestals. Pain located in your toes and the balls of your feet may be caused by the pressure of your foot pushing against the front of the pedestal.

Step 4

Remain flat footed as you move through your motion during your elliptical workout. Numbness or tingling in your foot indicates over-pronation, or inward foot roll.

Step 5

Alternate the elliptical program you select. Differing programs utilizes different muscles, distributing the stress caused by the workout equally.

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