How to Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune

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The best way to attract good luck and good fortune is to believe good luck exists. There is actual scientific proof about the difference between lucky and unlucky people! Here are some easy ways to attract good luck and good fortune - not just today, but for the future.

After many years of study, U.K. psychologist Richard Wiseman found that lucky people behave and act in a way that brings them good luck. Luck isn't due to kismet, karma, or sheer coincidence; luck is a positive attitude that brings about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your first lucky step begins with listening to your hunches and your intuitions. In my experience, first impressions are always correct, so if you have a gut feeling that someone you just met is going to be helpful in a job search or a relationship, go with your gut. Hand over your business card or your phone number, and be sure to get his/her number, as well. You will find that your hunch is correct when the phone rings or the instant messages appear. And they will.

Make the most of chance opportunities, based on Step #1. Say you meet someone "coincidentally", but find out you have friends or experiences in common. You can turn this chance meeting into another, longer meet-up or an exchange via email. Networking is the next logical step, either through the internet or in person. I have a friend who attended a Woman in Film meeting, and after wards, walked up to the speaker, an executive at a major studio, and handed her a business card. Within a week, my friend had a job interview and a job. It was a combination of intuition and making the most of a "chance" opportunity. My friend is not ordinarily so bold; she just "knew" to approach the executive, and her intuition paid off.

Keep a good luck/good fortune daily journal. In this blank book, mark down every good luck experience you had during the day - whether it's finding a quarter on the street (the new penny) or a friend taking you to lunch, the trivial notations of good luck build each day until you have a week's or month's worth of good luck notations. By focusing on good luck/happy coincidences or unexpected good fortune, and by banishing negative thoughts, you create your own good luck garden. From this garden grows many good fortune plants! Thinking and believing about Good Luck becomes a part of your daily routine, when you note each good luck experience. By following your lucky track record, good luck is sure to be enhanced and noticed - especially fortuitous opportunities.

Expect Good Luck. Your daily lucky journal will teach you how to notice good luck and how to appreciate it. Learning that good luck can occur in many different ways allows you to make the expectation of good luck and good fortune a part of your life. Lucky people are those who know good luck is just around the corner, even when it seems they are at a dead end. Lucky people persevere, no matter what their problems, and look for positive people, opportunities and positive ways to get ahead. Good luck is really just around the corner, if you believe it to be so.

Lucky people turn bad luck into good luck (like the proverbial making lemonade from a lemon). Lucky people use affirmations (positive thoughts written on sticky notes and pasted on your mirror or your fridge). They banish negative-thinking people from their lives (or, if family members, learn to deflect their negative thinking or criticisms). If an unfortunate situation occurs, lucky people immediately imagine how much worse things could be, and set to work making good things happen. They never dwell on the negative.


Let a smile be your umbrella. In other words, when it's stormy outside, consider the fact rain washes away bad energies; heals drought; cools and cleans the atmosphere. Look on the bright side of the rainy days, because the sun will soon come out! Find a great lucky charm. You can go with the usual - a four-leaf clover, but I have devised a list of 12 antique lucky charms for each Sun Sign (unusual and fun). You can find the list at (written by Psychic Chic). Lucky charms are good luck tokens for your pocket or purse. They remind you to keep in touch with your good luck feelings. Check our Richard Wiseman's book,The Luck Factor: Changing Your Luck, Changing Your Life. Scientific research has also determined that optimistic people are healthier. Now, isn't that another reason to put on your lucky hat?


Ix-nay on the negative! Negative, self-pitying thoughts must be put on the naughty/time-out chair. They have no place in your mood or attitude (Thanks, Super Nanny!). Negative thoughts put dents and holes in good luck/good fortune beliefs. Ignore anybody who wants to puncture your dreams or tells you that you can't achieve your goals. As my grandma used to say, "Can't never did nothing."

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