Good Manners for Teenagers

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It can be hard to get teenagers to listen to anything you say, let alone get them to practice good manners. But it is essential for teenagers to learn basic etiquette to prepare for the real world. Good manners make teenagers stand out and be noticed in a good way. Adults can focus on specific areas to help teens practice good manners.

Social Greeting Etiquette

Sometimes teenagers can be shy and awkward, so teach them the importance of a proper greeting. For example, good manners call for looking someone in the eye and saying hello when being introduced. Sometimes, a handshake is in order. Teach your teenager to have a firm yet warm handshake and to answer questions politely of the person he is meeting.

Telephone and Cell Phone Etiquette

These days, it seems that most teenagers constantly have a cell phone plastered to their ear. Teenagers should learn basic phone etiquette, which includes interacting with people around them as well as with the person on the other end of the line.

Your teenager should know that it is not okay to ignore someone who is trying to get their attention while on the phone. The world will not end if they pause their conversation and politely say, "I'm on the phone, would you mind discussing this a little later?"

Teenagers should also know that answering the phone and interacting with people on the other end of the line should be done politely and respectfully.

Showing Kindness Etiquette

Being kind is often one of the most forgotten forms of etiquette. Teenagers are still learning how to focus on themselves and others at the same time. No matter what the situation, kindness is always appropriate. This includes saying "please" and "thank you" as well as showing respect to other people. Teenagers should remember to take other people's feelings into consideration with the things they do and say.

Good Manners in Sharing Opinions

Teenagers can be opinionated. They are learning about the world and forming independent thoughts and ideas. But sometimes, sharing these thoughts and opinions can come across in a rude way. Teach your teenager to share their opinions in a respectful manner, so as to not come across as overbearing, pushy or just rude in general. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that does not mean a teen should be rude.