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How to Attach a Mouth Guard to a Football Helmet

By Jared Huizenga

A mouth guard plays a bigger role in keeping you safe while playing football than you might think. Aside from its most obvious function---protecting your teeth---a mouth guard also protects your gums, lips and tongue and acts as a shock absorber when you take a hit to the head. Of course, none of that protection is possible if your mouth guard falls out of your mouth and gets lost. That's why connecting your mouth guard to your football helmet with its connecting strap is an important---and very easy---step to take.

Put your mouth guard in your mouth just as you would wear it in practice or in a game.

Run the connecting strap of the mouth guard through the face mask of your helmet, and wrap it around one of the bars.

Push the end of the mouth guard, which looks like a little ball, through the closest pre-drilled hole on the mouth guard's connecting strap.

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