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Amp Energy Drink Nutritional Facts

Amp Energy Drink is a popular energy drink in the United States. This drink has enjoyed success because of its connection with Mountain Dew, a high-caffeine soft drink available throughout the country. It is available in convenience stores and in some supermarkets. Like similar beverages, Amp Energy Drink offers a quick energy boost but provides little nutritional value. For this reason, this beverage should be enjoyed sparingly.

Calories, Fat and Cholesterol

An 8-oz. serving of Amp Energy Drink contains 110 calories. The caloric content of this beverage is similar to most energy drinks and non-diet soft drinks. For example, an 8-oz. serving of Pepsi or Coca Cola contains about 100 calories, while Dr. Pepper has about 102. The beverage contains no fat, saturated fat or cholesterol.

Carbohydrates, Sugars and Sodium

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One serving of Amp Energy Drink contains 29g sugars and 70mg sodium. It also derives 100 percent of its calories from carbohydrates, packing 30g of carbs into each serving.


Amp Energy Drink offers 75mg caffeine, about the same as an 8-oz. cup of coffee. This is relatively low, compared to other energy drinks, such as Spike Shooter, which packs 300mg caffeine into an 8.4-oz. serving.

Vitamins and Minerals

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This drink contains no essential vitamins, such as Vitamin A or Vitamin C. It also contains no calcium or iron. Amp Energy Drink comes with 9mg potassium, which is less than 1 percent of the daily recommended intake.


Amp Energy Drink comes in several styles. The original Amp Energy is a citrus-flavored beverage that contains taurine, ginseng, guarana and B vitamins. Amp Energy Relaunch packs an orange flavor with the vitamins and caffeine of the original. For those who do not like citrus beverages, there is Amp Energy Overdrive, a cherry-flavored drink with yerba mate. Elevate, designed for enhanced mental focus, has a berry taste and contains L-Theanine.

Other choices include Amp Energy with Green Tea, lemon-flavored Lightning and Amp Traction, which has a grape flavor and contains maltodextrin and D-ribose. Amp Energy Sugar Free Lightning, a sugar-free option, is also available. Those who want a more natural energy drink can choose Amp Orange or Berry, which are 100-percent juice formulas. For a portable energy boost, consumers can choose Amp Energy Gum, which is sugar free and comes in citrus flavor.