Aloe Vera Oil & Hair

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Aloe vera oil is derived from the aloe vera plant, also known as true aloe or medicinal aloe. Aloe vera is a succulent plant that's native to arid areas of northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Aloe vera oil has a long history in traditional medicines and has been used to treat burns, heal cysts and promote the healing of wounds. Aloe vera oil is also used in cosmetics, including make-up, shampoo, conditioner and hair gel. Despite the widespread use of aloe vera, some disagreement exists in the scientific community regarding its effectiveness.


It is not clear exactly where or when the medicinal use of aloe vera oil started but the earliest mention of aloe vera is found on a Sumerian tablet dated around 2100 B.C. Ancient Egyptian writings describe aloe vera oil used as a cosmetic skin treatment by queens, according to the website Greek and Roman medical texts both discuss the advantages of aloe vera oil in treating digestive ailments along with its topical application. A legend claims that Alexander the Great valued the plant so highly that he conquered the island of Socotra to obtain enough aloe vera to treat the wounds of his soldiers.

May Prevent Hair Loss

Aloe vera oil has been touted as a natural alternative to medicated hair loss gels. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of aloe vera have led to the conclusion that it can encourage hair growth. According to Bill Seemiller, associate publisher of the Hair Loss Learning Center, no scientific research supports these claims.

Natural Conditioner

Aloe vera oil is a popular ingredient in many commercial conditioners. It is a rich moisturizer that remains in the hair without lending any greasy look or feel. Aloe vera can also control the production of excess sebum, a natural oil released by the hair follicles. Excess sebum can clog the follicles and make the hair appear unclean.

Natural Shampoo

Aloe vera contains natural chemicals produced by plants to protect themselves against bacterial and fungal attacks. These protective antimicrobial properties make aloe vera oil a gentle but effective shampoo. Aloe vera oil can also be found in commercially available shampoos.


Anecdotal experiences continue to promote aloe vera oil as a hair loss remedy but hair loss has a variety of causes and will require varying treatments. Consult your doctor to understand the cause of your hair loss and decide appropriate treatment. Aloe vera oil, when used as a shampoo or conditioner, has not been found to have any adverse side effects.