Allergic Reaction to Eyelash Extensions: Swollen Eyes

Synthetic eyelashes create a longer, thicker looking set of eyelashes. The chemicals and other components that make up the eyelashes and adhesive products may cause an allergic reaction such as eyelid swelling. You should remove the lashes at the first sign of a reaction, and this may help prevent symptoms from intensifying. Knowing the potential symptoms of an allergic reaction to the eyelash extensions will help you identify a problem early and seek treatment if necessary.

Additional Symptoms

Since the eyelash extensions, adhesive and other associated products will typically come in contact with the skin of your eyelids, eyelid swelling may occur initially. You could experience additional symptoms, and these may include bloodshot eyes, itching, discomfort and excessive watering. As well, you may notice a thick discharge from your eyes, particularly upon waking.


After you remove the eyelash extensions, you should contact your doctor. She may recommend holding a cool cloth on your eyelids to help minimize inflammation. If you have other symptoms, you may need to take an antihistamine medication such as an over-the-counter allergy medication. In the case of a severe reaction, your doctor may prescribe a medication or recommend an eye drop to help relieve your symptoms.


You should not use eyelash extensions if you have a known reaction. If you decide to try a different manufacturer, compare the chemicals found in all of the application products. If you notice similarities, you may experience a reaction from the alternate brand as well. Instead of risking swollen eyes and other symptoms, you may choose an approach that will not cause a reaction. Use your eyelash curler and a high-quality mascara to boost the appearance of thick, long lashes. You may want to try a few different products until one gives you the results you want.


Before you have extensions applied, talk to the lash stylist about products that tend to cause the least reaction. This may prove particularly helpful if you have a history of allergic reactions to cosmetics or other products. A mild reaction to the eyelash extensions may not require medical treatment, but you should stop using the product immediately. If your symptoms worsen, or you experience additional symptoms such as cloudy or blurry vision, contact your eye doctor immediately.