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About Pregnancy & Sex Drive

By Virginia Franco ; Updated November 28, 2018

A woman and her body go through many changes during pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. Libido or sex drive is no exception, and it is very normal for it to wax and wane during the course of pregnancy. Although there are no hard and fast rules and each pregnancy is unique, certain factors likely impact sex drive during the course of these nine months.

Understanding Libido

Libido describes a person’s inherent desire to have sex, according to As a species, sex drive is critical to finding a mate, engaging in mating and conceiving children. Libido is primarily hormone driven, although other emotional and external factors can influence it as well.


It is normal for a woman’s sex drive to fluctuate from day to day and week to week during pregnancy. The website reiterates that libido varies greatly from person to person and even from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Increased Sex Drive

Many women experience an uptick in their sex drive during the second trimester of pregnancy. This is often concurrent with hormonal changes that can bring about renewed energy and the end of morning sickness, according to the Women’s Healthcare Topics website. Physiologically, as a woman’s body produces more and more fluids to meet the needs of her baby, more blood is flowing through the breasts and vaginal area, which can also help increase arousal.

Emotionally speaking, many women feel more amorous now that the worry of getting pregnant and using cumbersome birth control are no longer issues, according to Others feel better about their bodies thanks to new curves during pregnancy, says, which may also contribute to an increased sex drive.

Decreased Sex Drive

Rapid hormone changes during the first trimester make many women too tired or physically sick to be interested in sex, according to During the third trimester, a cumbersome belly and weight gain make sex uncomfortable and awkward for many, and the sex drive often drops again. Some women experience slight but normal abdominal cramping during or after intercourse, which, although harmless, can make women shy away from sex,according to

Managing Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, it is important to keep the lines of communication open so that both parties understand each other’s desires and concerns regarding sex. Direct any worries to your ob/gyn so she can put your fears to rest. Also, consider new sexual positions that may make sex more comfortable during intercourse, particularly in the third trimester.

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