Act Mouthwash Ingredients

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Act mouthwash comes in restoring washes, anti-cavity washes and even some varieties designed for kids. There are a few flavors that consumers can choose from, but all generally contain the same active ingredients and share a few of the inactive ones. Consumers with allergies should always know the ingredients in their day-to-day products.

Active Ingredient

Act Restoring Mouthwash in the flavor Cool Splash Mint has sodium fluoride as its active ingredient. It is an anticaries agent in that it helps to prevent the formation of dental caries (cavities) in the tooth’s surface. It has been approved by the FDA as an indirect food additive. According to, it also cleanses and deodorizes the mouth and teeth. This helps reduce bad breath and will polish the teeth.

Sweetening Agents

Cool Splash Mint Act Restoring Mouthwash has sorbitol and sodium saccharin included. Sodium saccharin is around 300 times sweeter than sugar and is used as a flavoring in many products. Sorbitol is a sugar-like alcohol that is used as a flavoring as well. It does not absorb well in the body and it can help against moisture loss.

Inactive Ingredients

The inactive ingredient list in Act Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash are water, 11 percent alcohol, blue 1 lake, calcium disodium EDTA, poloxamer 407, flavor, sodium phosphate, polysorbate 20, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, disodium phosphate and cetylpyridinuim chloride.

Sodium benzoate acts as a preservative and keeps the product fresh longer. Both sodium phosphate and disodium phosphate are used as buffering agents. Along with their use in mouthwash, they are also used in laxatives.