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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication

Erectile dysfunction poses a serious problem to a man's self esteem 2. He may feel inadequate and embarrassed, often afraid of intimacy with his partner. Many medications on the market seek to cure erectile dysfunction 2. A more natural approach may be better for some men. Erectile dysfunction may be explained by certain life factors, not indicating a health issue at all 2. You can use treatments to help reverse erectile dysfunction without the use of drugs 2.

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Eat right and exercise regularly. Keeping yourself at an ideal weight helps manage erectile dysfunction 2. Overweight men tend to suffer erectile dysfunction due to the decrease of testosterone production 2. Losing weight will increase testosterone production and help reverse erectile dysfunction 2. This also helps lower cholesterol, which blocks the arteries. Proper blood flow is needed to obtain and keep an erection, therefore lowering cholesterol helps clear the arteries and promotes proper blood flow to other organs.

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Stop drinking, smoking or doing recreational drugs. These three habits reduce testosterone production, leading to long-term impotence. Stopping any one of these activities can restore your sexual ability to obtain erection.

Attend sex therapy counseling. This helps relieve emotional problems leading to erectile dysfunction, such as chronic stress, depression or anxiety 2. Getting to the root of the problem will teach you stress-relieving techniques, such as breathing exercises.

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Opt for acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture involves several strategically places needles placed into the skin. This an ancient Chinese practice believed to assist the body in natural healing from illness and psychological stress.


Talk with your doctor before starting any alternative or natural erectile dysfunction treatments. Causes of erectile dysfunction could be from illness or something major and should be addressed medically.