The Best Medications to Control Dizziness

Dizziness can be extremely uncomfortable and alter your lifestyle and ability to function. If prolonged and severe, the effects of dizziness, such as nausea, fainting and decreased concentration, can be curbed with medications. Experts at the Mayo Clinic state that medications used to control dizziness are prescribed based on which effect they treat and why you are dizzy 2. The best medication for you should target your most troublesome side effect while treating the underlying cause.

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Medications used to treat nausea and vomiting are referred to as antiemetic drugs. Frequently, nausea is the most common and bothersome symptom of dizziness. Unfortunately, drugs that treat nausea cannot be purchased over-the-counter; you must visit your doctor to gain a prescription for an antiemetic. Two popular drugs, Compazine and Phenergan, are available as either pills or suppositories to control nausea. Another medication that is frequently prescribed is meclizine. The trade name for meclizine is Antivert. According to the Mayo Clinic, Antivert is specifically formulated to help those who suffer nausea due to dizziness 2.


According to the Mayo Clinic, many suffer dizziness from a build up or improper balance of fluid in the middle ear 2. If this is the case for you, then decongestants or antihistamines may relieve the excess fluid and allow your body to stabilize the vertigo. Decongestants act by drying up excess fluids in our bodies, however, according to Dr. Hain the actual mechanism of treating vertigo is unknown with these medications.

Motion Sickness Drugs

Also commonly prescribed for treatment of dizziness are the motion sickness drugs, according to Dr. Hain 2. Dizziness can cause a perception of either you or the room spinning, mimicking the effects of severe motion sickness. Some of these medications are available over-the-counter, including the Dramamine pills or motion sickness patches.