400-Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Eating breakfast starts your day off right by giving your body fuel to power through a busy morning of meetings or classes. When you’re trying to lose pounds or maintain a certain weight, don’t skip breakfast – just watch your calorie count, and make sure you get protein and fiber to keep you feeling full longer. Stay away from pastries and bagels, which tend to spike your blood sugar and leave you needing more fuel within a short time.

Healthy Twist on Eggs

Eggs make a healthy, satiating breakfast that will keep you going until your next meal. Two large poached eggs provide 144 calories. Serve them on a toasted whole wheat English muffin for an additional 135 calories. A link of turkey sausage yields 61 calories, and a half-cup of orange sections on the side adds 40 calories, bringing the total for this satisfying breakfast to 380 calories.

Breakfast in a Bowl

A cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt yields 100 calories and 17 satisfying grams of protein. Steer clear of yogurt with fruit or honey added, which adds unneeded sugar to your meal, and instead dress up your breakfast on your own with a cup of fiber-rich raspberries for 64 calories. Another good option is a half-cup of sliced kiwi for 55 calories, or mix and match fruits for a colorful bowl. Top off your yogurt with a quarter-cup of chopped walnuts for an additional 193 calories, bringing your total for this healthy yet filling meal to just over 350 calories.