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Breast Symptoms During First Trimester of Pregnancy

By Elizabeth Wolfenden ; Updated June 13, 2017

Although there are many symptoms during the first trimester of pregnancy, many of them involve changes to the breasts. While the intensity or occurrence can vary from woman to woman or even from one pregnancy to another, many women will experience some change to her breasts at some point during her first trimester.


Breast tenderness usually begins between the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy, according to, and can be one of the first indications that a woman is pregnant. Typically, the entire breast is tender to the touch, including the nipple region. Wearing a supportive bra may help minimize this discomfort, suggests Warning your partner to be extra gentle when touching the area is also a good idea.

Increase In Size

Starting around the eighth week of pregnancy, according to, the breasts begin to increase in size. This symptom may not only continue through the first trimester, but will likely continue throughout your entire pregnancy. As the breasts grow, stretch marks may appear and an itching sensation may occur as well.

Nipple/Areola Changes

A few months into the pregnancy, a woman may begin to notice changes in her nipples or the area around the nipples called the areolas. These changes typically include the nipples sticking out more and areolas getting larger and darker, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Small bumps on the areolas, called Montgomery's tubercles, can also arise, increase or become more pronounced.

More Noticable Veins

In the first trimester, a pregnant woman may also notice the veins within her breasts are much more vivid and easier to see than they were before she became pregnant. This is because of the increased blood flow to this region that occurs when pregnancy hormones are present in the body, according to

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