How to Get a 7 Minute Mile

By Sarah Thomas

Running is an effective way to burn calories, lose weight and gain muscle tone. To run a 7 minute mile, beginners must work slowly to build endurance and speed. Beginning runners should spend 30 minutes several times per week running to build endurance. Once a beginning runner is running a distance, interval training is used to gain speed for working up to a 7 minute mile. Training may take place outdoors, on an indoor track or on a treadmill.

Purchase a supportive pair of running shoes. Choosing shoes that support your body while running reduces the risk of injury. Review your options with a sales person at a sporting goods or shoe store.

Warm up by walking quickly for 5 minutes. Use a watch or stopwatch to keep track of time. Run for 1 minute, followed by a slower jog or walk for 3 minutes. Repeat the intervals until you have been exercising for 30 minutes. Repeat the work out three times per week.

Build endurance each week by increasing the amount of time running and decreasing the walking portion of the workout. For example, run 3 minutes and walk 1. After 6 weeks, you should be able to endure running 30 minutes.

Gain speed by using interval training. Run for 6 minutes, then sprint for 10 seconds. Continue the same interval throughout the workout. Progress to spending longer durations sprinting during each week.

Run at normal speed for 1 minute, followed by a minute of sprinting. Repeat intervals for a 30 minute workout. Continue using interval training until you have increased speed enough to run a 7 minute mile.


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