B12, Cider Vinegar and Honey Cleanse

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Vitamin B12, cider vinegar and honey are all common ingredients in cleanses designed to detoxify the body from heavy metals, pollutants and chemicals. You can combine these key ingredients into one regimen to cleanse your body. Consult a physician before you embark on any cleanse program, particularly if you are restricting calories as part of your cleansing regimen.


Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs, dairy products and meat. Vitamin B12 helps the body synthesize proteins and DNA, according to the Mayo Clinic website. Vitamin B12 can improve your memory, mood and mental clarity, according to Jeffrey Morrison, author of "Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Mind." Although deficiencies in vitamin B12 are rare, because excess B12 is stored in your liver, most people can safely take a supplement with B12. Consult your physician or nutritionist to determine an appropriate dose of B12 for your needs.

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar may have benefits for your health, although these benefits haven't been proven scientifically. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic, according to Joseph J. Sweere, author of "Golden Rules for Vibrant Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit." Apple cider vinegar can also improve your digestion, help you absorb nutrients more effectively and help flush toxins from your body. The amount of cider vinegar you should take depends on the cleanse program, but generally you should take between 1 and 2 teaspoons three times per day.


Honey is rich in B vitamins, amino acids and enzymes and it provides quick energy, according to Sweere. Additionally, honey helps maintain the body's ideal PH-balance. The pasteurization process destroys much of its nutritional value, so it is best to use raw honey as part of your cleansing program. Pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems and children under the age of two should not consume raw honey because of the risk of contracting food-borne illness.

When to Consult a Physician

As of 2012, there is no scientific evidence that cleansing regimens, such as a regimen that includes vitamin B12, cider vinegar and honey, is effective at removing toxins from the body. However, each of these ingredients is healthy when taken according to the instructions of a physician or nutritionist. Consult your physician before you go on any cleansing program, particularly if you have an illness or health condition, or if the program involves calorie restriction. This cleanse program is not nutritionally complete, and as a result, it should not be the only sustenance you consume.