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The Advantages of Prill Water

By Sylvie Tremblay, MSc

Prill water, also called "magic water," "energized water" or "hexagonal water," is an alternative health product made by soaking purified or tap water in prill beads. The beads, made of magnesium oxide, interact with the water molecules. Proponents of prill water suggest that the beads break up the complexes of H-2-O molecules that form naturally in water, making the water more readily available to your tissues. Though manufacturers of prill water claim the fluid has several benefits, none of these claims are supported by peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Proposed Effect on Hydration

Dr. James Howenstine, a supporter of prill water, claims that "magic water" offers hydration benefits beyond those of regular water. You body relies on water from food and fluids you consume daily to help flush waste products from your body, as well as support cellular function. Howenstine indicates that, when consumed on a regular basis, only three glasses of prill water offer the same level of hydration as a gallon of regular water. However, Howenstine fails to cite any study to support this claim.

Proposed Effect on Aging

Howenstine also claims that drinking prill water offers the health advantage of slowing the aging process. He explains that your body composition changes as you age, reducing the level of water in your body and that this reduced water level leads to diminished cellular function and aging. By hydrating with prill water, he claims that you can retain cellular function and restore "youthful function" to your cells.

Lack of Scientific Evidence

At the time of publication, there are no peer-reviewed studies supporting the advantages of prill water. Drinking any fluids -- including prill water -- helps maintain your body's hydration level and fight dehydration. There are currently no studies to suggest that prill water offers additional hydration benefits. The advantage of prill water for slowing the aging process is also not demonstrated in peer-reviewed literature. While elderly individuals do face an increased risk of dehydration, due to a decreased ability to sense thirst and diminished capacity to adapt to heat, dehydration alone does not drive the aging process. A network of several genes and proteins, as well as environmental factors, determine how your cells age. Prill water has not demonstrated, in peer-reviewed studies, an ability to improve your cellular functioning, affect genes related to aging or slow the aging process.

Other Considerations

The magnesium-oxide beads used to make prill water partially dissolve in and participate in a chemical reaction with the water. As a result, when you consume prill water, you're actually consuming water that contains small amounts of magnesium hydroxide. Drinking large amounts of prill water could potentially prove harmful for some individuals, since magnesium hydroxide can prevent your body from absorbing folic acid, a vitamin important for healthy circulation. Never drink prill water without first talking to your doctor.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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