How to Lose 50 Pounds With Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping is a studio-based exercise and nutrition program 1. It uses strength training, cardio and kickboxing elements. The program is not based on losing a certain number of pounds, but about getting in shape. You don't count calories to mathematically guarantee weight loss each week, as you would using a constant-loss rate program, so you cannot predict how long it will take to lose 50 pounds. Instead, follow the program exactly and do the exercise and diet plan to ensure you lose weight as quickly as possible. Get approval from your doctor before you begin this program.

Find a location near you by using the Farrell's website. Locations are in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona and Illinois.

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Visit a Farrell's location to sign up for the 10-week challenge, which is the first part of the program. Farrell's offers the eXtreme Bodyshaping 10-week course four to five times each year, and they vary by location 1.

Design a meal plan with a Farrell's nutrition expert. A Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping coach helps you design a well-balanced program with sufficient carbs and protein 1. Show it to your doctor for approval before you begin the nutrition part of the program.

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Eat six times a day following the eating plan. Do not skip meals, as your body needs calories to build muscle. Check that your plan includes a variety of foods because diets that limit intakes of nutrients, such as Atkins, which tells you not to eat many carbs, can lead to malnourishment and side effects such as dizziness and headaches.

Attend four to six exercise classes per week. Classes are in groups and split between strength training and cardio in each class. Exercise at level 10, as Farrell eXtreme Bodyshaping instructors recommend 1. Higher-intensity exercise burns more calories to get you to your weight loss goal more quickly. Ask questions if you are unclear about your exercise form or movements. Improper technique can lead to injuries.

Sign up for the Farrell’s Infinite Transformation course, which comes after the 10-week eXtreme Bodyshaping program 1. This second program helps you continue on with your eating and exercise plan until you reach your goal and lose the 50 pounds.


Do not get discouraged if you do not lose weight as quickly as other people in the program. Fast weight loss is unhealthy. The National Institutes of Health recommend 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week. Take your time and lose the 50 pounds the healthy way, which is slow and steady through diet and exercise.