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The BioSlim Detox

By Michael Brent ; Updated July 18, 2017

BioSlim is a detox weight-loss program developed by Dr. Josh Leichtberg, a California-based medical internist. According to his biography on the BioSlim website, Dr. Leichtberg realized that most weight-loss programs on the market worked by “tricking” the body into losing weight and didn't result in long-term weight loss. Instead, he developed the BioSlim plan, which works by “normalizing and optimizing the body's metabolism naturally.”


On its website, BioSlim bills itself as “the nation's leading natural weight loss program because it works.” BioSlim “kits” are available for both adults and children and include various vitamins and herbal supplements along with support materials such as the “Dr.’s Complete VideoGuide” and “BioSlim Cookbook.” By following the prescribed diet and exercise plans as laid out in the BioSlim kits, and taking the vitamins and supplements, dieters should successfully slim down. As Dr. Leichtberg puts it on the BioSlim home page, the product is “the world’s most powerful — and most healthful — way to lose weight.”

How It Works

According to its website, BioSlim is formulated to optimize the body’s nutrition while maximizing your metabolic rate via three BioSlim “tools:” the formulas — which are the vitamins and supplements; the food plan; and the simple activity plan. Simply put, the food plan steers dieters away from high-fat, simple-carbohydrate processed foods and recommends a healthy, balanced diet. Meanwhile, the simple activity plan is an exercise guide that recommends regular physical activity.

Side Effects

According to the website, if you were eating an unhealthy diet prior to going on the BioSlim diet program, this may result in some changes as your body sheds accumulated waste and toxins. Side effects can include urine that is more yellow, a change in bowel habits and some stomach discomfort due to taking the Accelerator or the Vita/Min Plus + SlimTone Formula combination, two of the plan's supplements. This can usually be circumvented by taking the Accelerator with food as opposed to taking the supplement five to 10 minutes before eating, as the label recommends.

Another View

One thing to keep in mind when considering the BioSlim plan or any type of detox diet is that there is no scientific evidence indicating detox diets rid the body of toxins any more efficiently than your liver and kidneys already do on their own. In a 2009 “New York Times” article, Dr. Peter Pressman — an internist with the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida — says that health claims related to detox diet plans are not just “ludicrous but tantamount to fraud.” Most of the products that claim to detoxify the system, he says, are “essentially stimulants, laxatives and diuretics.” In the case of BioSlim, the plan’s effectiveness is likely derived from the simple fact that you’re now eating a healthy, nutritious diet and getting regular exercise; if you’ve been eating excessively or eating unhealthy foods and not getting the recommended amount of exercise, it stands to reason that simply following the food plan and meal plan will lead to weight loss whether or not you take the BioSlim supplements.

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